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Sa 25.05.2019: Win 2×2 Karten zu REVOLT 2019 – Flugplatz Pferdsfeld 

REVOLT 2019 –

Sa 25.05.2019 * 20:00 
Flugplatz Pferdsfeld 
55566 Pferdsfeld 

Germany prepares for the arrival of the hardest happening of the nation.
A brand-new festival alliance by the creators of SYNDICATE will present a gathering that is powered by the pure forces of hardcore, hardstyle, hardtechno, hardtech and rawstyle. 
Divided over 5 raging stages, REVOLT will unleash the most rebellious harder styles legion that the country has ever seen.

Join the REVOLT or face the fatal consequences.

* Sa. 25.05.2019: Win 2×2 Karten zur REVOLT 2019 – Flugplatz / Pferdsfeld

Sa. 25. Mai 2019, 11-23 Uhr

Flugplatz Pferdsfeld

The creators of SYNDICATE present:

Germany’s Leading Harder Styles Festival


Mit Gewinnspiel 5 x 2 Karten Email mit Vor und Zuname und Betreff Revolt 2019 an 


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